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Add Telerik credentials with PowerShell

posted on 19.4.2023 by Below Surface in "NuGet Package Manager"

For some reasons my Telerik credentials for the private NuGet feed in Visual Studio were not working anymore. Eventually a recent reinstall of Visual Studio was to blame. Clearing the NuGet Storage in Options/NuGet Package Manager/General was not helping. Re-Installing Telerik on my device did neither.

Finally I checked the NuGet.Config file, located in C:\Users\my-username\AppData\Roaming\NuGet and saw that no credentials were stored here anymore (but should be).

The below linked Telerik documentation suggested to follow a few steps to setup the credentials via CLI. I placed the provided nuget.exe file in the above mentioned directory and tried the provided PowerShell command. However, this was not working. I had to rewrite the command to:

.\nuget.exe Sources Add -Name "" -Source "" -Username "my-email" -Password "my-passwort"

And this finally wrote the credentials successfully to my NuGet.Config file.


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