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Do a static export of a Next.js website

Doing a static export in Next.js is easy and working great on basic web hosting services

Change the port of a Next.js app

How to manually set the port from 3000 to any other number

Next.js 13 - how to set dynamic HTML head titles

How to take a slug string and turn it into a HTML title tag

Suppress Next.js img tag warnings

If you don't want to use their Image elements, this is how to disable the warnings

Add a robots.txt to your Next.js website

How to add your robots.txt file

Add Tailwind CSS to your Next.js app

A few commands and some possible error fixing and you are good to go!

Next.js 13 Tailwind CSS hot-reload issue fix

With the currently experimental app directory, hot-reload does not work properly

How to clear the cache of a Next.js application

How to create a fresh build without any cached data

How i finally fixed "sh: 1: next: not found"

My release pipeline failed constantly and it took me three hours to figure out the issue

How I fixed "Parsing error: DeprecationError"

'originalKeywordKind' has been deprecated since v5.0.0 (...)

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