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Fixing the issue of rotated images after resizing with sharp

posted on 20.2.2023 by Below Surface in "Node.js"

Sharp is a lovely resizing package for Node.js applications. For example, this code can reduce the images file size big time:

await sharp(req.file.path).resize({ width: 1000 })
                          .jpeg({ quality: 50 })

But there is an error with some images. They will be rotated after resizing. This is because the meta data is lost during resizing and in my case, this is what I actually want. But of course, I want my images in the correct rotation and here is the fix: Just add .rotate() before calling the .resize() method, so your code looks like this:

await sharp(req.file.path).rotate()
                          .resize({ width: 1000 })
                          .jpeg({ quality: 50 })


npm package
image resizing
rotation fix


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