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How to clear the cache of a Next.js application

posted on 4.4.2023 by Below Surface in "Next.js"

After getting the following build error when generating the static pages for my Next.js 13 ISR application:

> Build error occurred
Error: Export encountered errors on following paths:
        /(post)/[postUrl]/page: /find-out-the-event-type-of-a-html-input-change-in-vs-code
        /category/[categoryUrl]/page: /category/interview-questions
    at C:\Users\....

I quickly figured out that the URL


and the category


were both changed or deleted in the database. After trying to rebuild the app a few times with

$ npm run build

and getting the same error, I figured that there must be cached data of previous Next.js builds. As a working solution I just deleted to .next folder in the root directory of Next.js and then ran

$ npm run build

again. Problem solved!


build error occured
static page generation

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