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How to instanciate a file object in TypeScript

posted on 20.2.2023 by Below Surface in "TypeScript"

In our case we need to gather the information provided by a HTML form (text, date and file input), so they are available when the form is submitted.

One working way without TypeScript would be to have the following useState object:

const [uploadData, setUploadData] = useState({
        uploadTitle: "",
        uploadDate: "",
        uploadSubject: "",
        uploadFile: {}

But with TypeScript, this won't be allowed by the compiler. We need to instantiate the object the correct way, so it will be a file object. Thanks to StackOverflow, we know that that's the way to do it:

new File([""], "filename")

Whole useState code now:

const [uploadData, setUploadData] = useState({
        uploadTitle: "",
        uploadDate: "",
        uploadSubject: "",
        uploadFile: new File([""], "filename")

Change handlers of the inputs:

const changeHandler = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement> | React.ChangeEvent<HTMLSelectElement>) => {
        setUploadData({...uploadData, []:})
const changeHandlerFile = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
        if ( == null) return;
        setUploadData({... uploadData, uploadFile:[0]});




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