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How to sort an array by string value

posted on 25.1.2023 by Below Surface in "JavaScript"

Imagine we have an array of objects:

const arr = [
  { name: "Tim" },
  { name: "Jim" },
  { name: "Kim" } 

One easy way to sort them by the first letter of their names is to do this (ES6):

arr.sort((a, b) =>;

Please note that this will change the original array, so assigning this to a new variable may not make sense.

If you use TypeScript and want to use this string method in a React app for example, the TypeScript compiler will not accept the implicit any type for a and b. Let's have another example to solve this:

We have created the type declaration Category in our typings.ts file and it looks like this:

export type Category = {
    _id: string;
    categoryName: string;
    categoryUrl: string;

Now we want to sort an array which contains Category objects. In our React app, we just need to import the Category type object:

import { Category } from '../typings';

Then we can apply this type definition for our .sort() method:

categoryArray.sort((a: Category, b: Category) => a.categoryName.localeCompare(b.categoryName))



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