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Next.js 13 - how to set dynamic HTML head titles

posted on 27.1.2023 by Below Surface in "Next.js"

In Next.js 13 with the new app directory routing activated, it's very simple to set a dynamic HTML title to each individual route.

Case 1: Make the URL of a blog post the HTML title value.

Folder hierarchy: ./app/post/[postUrl]/page.tsx

Just add another file, called "head.tsx" and add a React boiler plate like this (in VS Code, typing "rfce" + tab will create this for you):

import React from 'react'

function head() {   return (     <div>head</div>   ) }

export default head

Now, to destructure the parameters and make the TypeScript compiler happy at the same time, change the code to be:

import React from 'react'

function head({ params }: { params: { postUrl: string } }) {   return (     <>         <title>{params.postUrl}</title>     </>   ) }

export default head

The title will now be "next-js-13-how-to-set-dynamic-html-head-titles" in our case, which does not look good yet. It would be nicer to have each first letter in upper case and to remove the "-" characters:

import React from 'react'

function head({ params }: { params: { postUrl: string } }) {

    const array = params.postUrl.split("-");

    const upperCaseWords = => {         return ${word[0].toUpperCase()}${word.slice(1)}     });         const titleString = Be Sure Blog | ${upperCaseWords.join(" ")};

    return (         <>             <title>{titleString}</title>         </>     ) }

export default head

Done! The title is now "Be Sure Blog | Next Js 13 How To Set Dynamic Html Head Titles"




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