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Verify domain ownership via the DNS record

posted on 17.2.2023 by Below Surface in "Linode"

If you want to verify your Linode hosted website at the Google Search Console, Google may ask you to sign in to your domain name provider first. In my case this is, but actually the DNS settings were transferred to Linode, where they are being managed. That's why, the TXT record needs to be inserted over at Linode.

  1. Login to your Linode
  2. Click on "Domains"
  3. Select the domain
  4. Scroll to "TXT Record"
  5. Click "Add a TXT Record"
  6. Fill in the fields:

Hostname: In my case, we are doing it for the root (, so this field can stay empty. If you type in, Linode will empty this field when saving, so no need to type it in at all.

Value: Your personal string from the Google Search Console, looks like this: google-site-verification=sj4d74g-gLy2D15otob_Fz-WgA0gfpV-Hr1KgWKo0TQ

TTL: Linode recommends 5 Minutes, default is 24 Hours


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dns configuration
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